IFINTEC 2018 Conference Sponsors are presented below. We will continue publishing new sponsors at this webpage. By visiting this webpage time to time, you can view up-to-date conference sponsors.

  • Gold Sponsor

    • Calypso Technology

      Calypso Technology

      Calypso Technology, Inc. is a cloud-enabled provider of cross-asset front-to-back solutions for financial markets with over 35,000 users in 60+ countries. Its award-winning software improves reliability, adaptability, and scalability across several verticals, including capital markets, investment management, central banking, clearing, treasury, liquidity, and collateral. The Calypso solutions for collateral management and securities finance have empowered financial firms world-wide to simplify and transform their business models to drive down costs and improve innovation. Calypso is leveraging innovative cloud microservices and blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT) based solutions to reduce trading costs and improve time to value. www.calypso.com

    • Enbiltek


      Enbiltek is a company operating regionally that is focusing on EMEA region for its solutions. Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies are the core sectors it focuses on. Enbiltek is a trusted solution provider with high quality solutions and services. The solutions of Enbiltek are categorized as Event Organization, Services and Trainings. Enbiltek provides services to local and international solution provider companies that operate on Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies sectors. Following are the services offered by Enbiltek: Business Development, Event Organization, Representation of International Companies in Turkey and Marketing services. For more information about Enbiltek, please visit the website: www.enbiltek.com

    • Wacom


      Wacom, a global company with its headquarters based in Japan, is the market leader for pen input solutions. Wacom’s devices are utilised in a variety of application areas in which achieving a digital workflow with high-level security is crucial. Wacom´s patented technology is perfect for capturing handwritten signatures thanks to high resolution and accuracy. Wacom’s devices are installed in many different scenarios such as: POS, ePayment, electronic passports, insurance, banking and hotel check-in. With a Wacom signature device, customers can optimise, secure and efficiently process their workflows wherever documents are filled out, signed and verified. http://signature.wacom.eu

  • Silver Sponsor



      BİMSER ÇÖZÜM is a software company established in Kocaeli in 1998 to produce software solutions in information technology. It has been offering its customers a wide range of products from software packages for different size companies to a complete solution development platform, on which various business applications can be designed. Software products of BİMSER ÇÖZÜM are being used by hundreds of thousands of professionals in more than 1300 outstanding companies of Turkey, and they bring competitive advantage and success to these companies with the efficiency they provide. These products, namely eBA, QDMS, BOYSWEB and ENSEMBLE, offered in document and workflow management, process and performance management, quality management, information security management, risk management, maintenance management, asset management and designed completely by Turkish engineers, have been exported to more than 20 countries so far. New York and The Hague offices, which the company has accomplished in 2017, have taken on this development. www.bimser.com

    • BI Technology

      BI Technology

      BI Technology, as the official distributor of Qlik which is the innovator and leader company of Business Intelligence, provides services in the fields of software license sales, project implementation, technical service&maintenance, training and consulting with its expert team that has an experience of more than 16 years. Believing growth with business partnership ecosystem, BI Technology has a network of business partners consisting of 40 institutions that each one is specialized in a different field. With the belief of business intelligence solutions should be for business units, Qlik Business Discovery and Analytics Platform is focused on the simplification principle of decision making processes as far as possible and by so it becomes an alternative to complicated, awkward and difficult to manage and use approach of traditional business intelligence platforms. To provide service in scope of this vision, BI Technology presents its consultant staff which is expert on required process, methodology and technology to the institutions that it works with. www.bitechnology.com

    • Loxon


      Loxon is a business solutions provider, offering flexible, innovative solutions for the financial services industry and is dedicated to serving banks and lenders with software solutions covering the entire sales, lending and risk management lifecycle. Loxon was founded in 2000 by young banking experts. The core value of the company is the strong capability of business and technology innovation keeping the company continuously a step ahead of competitors. Loxon has its head office in Budapest, Hungary, and has offices in Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Moscow), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Turkey (Istanbul) and in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Loxon has achieved considerable growth in client base and has become one of the leading provider of the risk management and lending software market in the CEE, CIS and MEA regions. Loxon products and services are applied in 30+ countries, its customer base in these countries (60+ tier 1 and tier 2 financial institutions) includes the member entities of large international banking groups. www.loxon.eu

    • VideoID


      VideoID is the first and only technology that combines video streaming with the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm to identify people in just seconds from any device. The results are amazing: time-to-market goes from three weeks to only three minutes, customer conversion rate increases 60% and businesses have no more territory barriers to perform businesses. www.electronicid.eu

  • Supporting Sponsor