IFINTEC Finance Technologies Conference and Exhibition will be held on 18-19 October 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. IFINTEC is one of the biggest and most important conferences in EMEA region with its focus on Retail Banking, Digital Banking, Core Banking, Payment Systems, Banking Technologies, Banking IT Solutions, Digital Transformation, Banking Innovation, Secure Banking and Finance Technologies. IFINTEC Conference serves a perfect platform to introduce and demonstrate banking solutions and finance technology solutions including system, hardware, software, consultancy, training and service which are developed for banks and financial institutions.

    The last edition of the conference was held on 09-10 April 2019 in Istanbul - Turkey with a great success. With 850+ attendees, 30+ speakers, 30+ speaking sessions, the event was organized very successfully. For more information, photos from the event and conference program of IFINTEC 2019, please visit the following web page: IFINTEC 2019 Conference

    IFINTEC Conference presents a platform at where speakers share their experience, knowledge, visions and future forecasts with the visitors. The conference speeches will be either in Turkish or English and simultaneously will be translated to Turkish or English. IFINTEC Conference is an unmissable event.

    At the conference exhibition area, there shall be exhibiting spaces of the sponsor companies. Sponsors attending to the conference should have the chance of introducing their solutions to the visitors.

    Intensive participation is expected to IFINTEC Conference from many countries of the world. Visitors should get information about the solutions of sponsor companies by visiting the exhibition area.
    Main topics of the IFINTEC Conference presented below:

    • - Retail Banking Solutions
    • - Banking Solutions
    • - Core Banking Solutions
    • - Universal Banking Solutions
    • - Digital Banking Solutions
    • - Branchless Banking Solutions
    • - Mobile Banking Solutions
    • - Banking Innovation
    • - Next Generation Banking Solutions
    • - Cloud Banking Solutions
    • - Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Banking
    • - Commercial Banking Solutions
    • - Corporate Banking Solutions
    • - Transaction Banking Solutions
    • - Payment Systems Solutions
    • - Digital Transformation Solutions For Banking
    • - Lending Solutions For Banks
    • - Credit and Operational Risk Management Solutions
    • - Debt Management Solutions
    • - Back, Middle and Front Office Solutions
    • - Banking IT Solutions
    • - Insurance Sector IT Solutions
    • - Banking IT Infrastructure Solutions
    • - Secure Banking Solutions
    • - Identification and Access Management Solutions
    • - Biometric Solutions for Banking
    • - Cyber Security Solutions
    • - Mobile Application Security Solutions
    • - Fraud Prevention and Governance Risk Compliance Solutions
    • - Insurance Industry Technology Solutions
    Full List of Conference Topics


    Below professionals of institutions operating in the financial sector:

    • - Top Management
    • - Director, Manager and Management Personnel
    • - Core Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Payment Systems Managers and Experts
    • - Retail Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Universal Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Commercial Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Corporate Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Transaction Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Digital Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Branchless Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Internet and Mobile Banking Managers and Experts
    • - ATM and POS Managers and Experts
    • - Call Center Managers and Experts
    • - Delivery Channel Managers and Experts
    • - Branch Banking Managers and Experts
    • - Loan Management Managers and Experts
    • - Credit Risk Management Managers and Experts
    • - Operational Risk Managers and Experts
    • - Debt Management Managers and Experts
    • - Secure Banking Professionals
    • - Insurance Technologies Managers and Experts
    • - IT Department Managers and Experts
    • - IT Infrastructure Managers and Experts
    • - IT Security Managers and Experts
    • - Governance, Risk and Compliance Managers and Experts
    • - Audit Department Managers and Experts
    • - Training Department Managers and Experts
    • - Purchasing Department Managers and Experts



    • Comarch



    • Comforte


    • Enbiltek


Full List of Sponsors